NetSpark Mobile's Features

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Dynamic Content Filtering

Browse the Web. Connect with friends. Watch your favourite videos.

NetSpark Mobile inspects and filters in real-time, removing harmful content before it reaches your screen.

Real-Time Content Filtering

Application Management

Filter or block apps by category, or create custom rules to allow, filter or block individual apps.

Manage applications with custom rules

Time Limits

Set daily or weekly limits on app use, or login from a computer to create a weekly screentime schedule.

Set Limits on Screentime

Device Location Monitoring

Lost device? Teen out past curfew?

Remotely view device location for peace of mind (device-side approval required to enable this feature).

Location Supervision

Uninstall Protection

Secure NetSpark Mobile on your device for peace of mind that your family and your device are protected.

Uninstall Protection

Browser Independence

Keep using your favourite apps without sacrificing protection.

NetSpark Mobile works with your apps to filter content as you access it, no safe browser needed!

Browser Independence | Keep Using the Browser You Want